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Together Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin have done over 30,000 coaching sessions and have led 20+ years of impactful transformational programs and events designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs and unlock their evolutionary potential. They incorporate the best of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the human potential movement, parts work, family systems, attachment theory, polarity work, collaborative systems, evolutionary psychology, leadership practices, organizational systems, Milton model, Meta model, hypnosis, systems thinking, neuroscience, spiritual practices, trauma healing, spiral dynamics, therapeutic metaphor & storytelling, stance work, Neoreichian therapy, conflict resolution work, bioenergetics, various human development theories, tribal circling technologies, mindfulness, awareness work, NVC, and sacred theater to name a few.

They are the co-founders of the Relationship Dynamics Institute where they facilitate a series of retreats, workshops, and courses designed to rewrite your relational DNA so that you can embody your ideal love.

They’ve analyzed thousands of relationship fights and have developed a unique Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution process that’s famous for rewriting relational patterns and permanently resolving conflicts. They also work 1:on:1 with couples and singles and facilitate a series of online courses, retreats, and workshops designed to rewrite your relational DNA so that you upgrade your relating and create healthier relationships.

They are the creators of the Relationship Dynamics Quiz & Profile, which includes over 60 pages & 23 lessons of analysis designed to help you understand which of the 64 relationship stances you tend to take, which of the 8 gifts you bring to others, shadow patterns you bring, your life theme's and guidance on how to upgrade your relationship skills, identify and exit your most persistent patterns, and through their unique 5 phase Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution Process, resolve your conflicts permanently.

They are a stand for relationships that have a 'both / and' rather than an 'either / or' attitude and realize the true potential that healing the divide between the masculine and feminine has on creating a healed, healthy, and whole culture.They have a large body of work that focuses on helping singles and couples build the 3 pillars of any great relationship which are 1) How to set the direction of your relationship (creating a relationship vision), 2) How to handle the valleys (rewriting patterns and permanently resolving conflict), and 3) How to create the peaks (going from ordinary to extraordinary).

Without the source code for how healthy and powerful relationships work, you might end up getting stuck circling the same patterns. The Relationship Dynamics work is designed to create permanent relationship breakthroughs with step-by-step support to break free of persistent patterns & reignite your relationships.

"Jennifer has the brilliance of a Nobel scientist, the compassionate heart of a Mother Theresa, the unwavering presence of a martial artist and the unspeakable beauty of Guinevere. This woman is not only divinely invested in each person waking up to the greatest version of themselves but is purpose driven that the Planet emerge into collective consciousness, love and ethical leadership. Follow her, learn from her, trust me you will have more access to who you want to become."


Keynote Speaking engagements, Interviews, Podcasts, Conferences, & Live Events

Intimacy Intensive w/ Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin

Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin as keynote speakers at the Accelerate Conference hosted by Eben Pagan work with you in real time to rewrite your relationship DNA and embody your ideal love story. Come prepared to learn the source code for how healthy and powerful relationships work.

Virtual Coach Summit The X Factor For Creating Change

Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin as keynote speakers at the Virtual Coach Summit as they give a cockpit view of the most important factor they use to support their clients in making lasting change and 3 processes to help you detect whether your client is likely to make that change or remain stuck in their pattern.

Ring Of Resolution: The 8 Polarities of Evolving Love

Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin in the Reinventing Relationship Speaker Series talking about the 8 Polarities of Evolving Love where they unpack the structure of conflict, how to resolve the conflicts we are having and how to get out of the repeating cycles of unhealthy relationship patterns.

3 Myths of Conflict with Jennifer Russell

In this video Jennifer Russell talks about 3 common beliefs about what creates conflict that often have us stuck repeating our patterns and why you might be fighting.

TEDx SinCity - Dangerous Question with Bryan Franklin

Explore the essential role of paradox in leadership and  how to resolve the apparent conflict between customer focus/intimacy &  staying true to yourself.

TEDx Cardiff - The Four Faces of Power with Jennifer Russell

Learn how to harness the feminine forms and masculine forms of power in each of your interactions You will learn an unforgettable map of your own sources of power, 

“Not only did he help me get the results I desired, but he has also completely changed my life. Bryan does not simply provide advice he develops his clients as transformational leaders. He is able to go deeper and has years of experience that he draws from."

- Mike P. (CEO)


Keynote Speaking engagements, Interviews,Podcasts, Conferences, & Live Events


  • TEDx SinCity, The Most Dangerous Question On Earth

  • Ontrapalooza, The 5 Aspects of Strategic Genius

  • MetaMind, Sedona AZ

  • Actualize Conference, San Francisco CA

  • Accelerate Conference, Miami FL

  • Elevate Conference, Boulder, CO

  • Blow Your Mind Conference, New York NY

  • Intimacy Intensive, Las Vegas, NV

  • Peter Theil’s 20 under 20 (Facilitator), San Francisco, CA

  • Ascended Masters Entrepreneurial Mastermind (Facilitator), Multiple Locations

  • The Level Seven Leadership Group (Facilitator), Multiple Locations

  • RECODE Live Event (Facilitator), Sydney Australia & San Francisco, CA

  • Mind Money and Meaning (Facilitator), San Francisco, CA

  • Mind Money Meaning (Facilitator), New York, NY

  • Rapid Growth Summit (Facilitator), San Francisco, CA

  • Awesomeness Fest, Costa Rica

  • Shift Network, Conscious Entrepreneurs Summit (Online)

  • Central Louisiana Small Business Association, New Orleans, LA

  • HIVE Global Leaders Conference, San Francisco, CA

  • Evolving Love (Facilitator/Host), San Francisco, CA

  • Evolving Love (Facilitator/Host, San Diego, CA

  • Evolving Love (Facilitator/Host), Tahoe, CA

  • Thrive JV Summit, Bay Area CA

  • LEVERAGE: The Startup CEO Playbook

  • Architects For Humanity Bay Area, CA

  • Goddess Revival Bay Area, CA

  • TEDx The Four Faces Of Power Cardiff, CA 

  • Women Network Conference Long Beach, CA


  • The Foundation: Entrepreneurs vs Business Owners What's the Difference Episode 51

  • I Love Marketing: Dodging The Wealth Bullet - The 3 Entrepreneurial Phases Episode 129

  • The Stranger Connection: Living One Breath Away From Tears Episode 10

  • All In With Alicia Dunhams: All In with Mind, Money & Meaning

  • The Together Show: From Repulsion To Passion

  • Live, Lead & Play Podcast: Dynamic Duo Creating Extraordinary Relationships

  • The Smart Couple Show with Jayson Gaddis: Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary Episode 32

  • The Integrated Woman Podcast with Salona Carlise: Redefining Feminine Power

  • Noble Warrior Podcast Episode 158


  • Forbes.com

  • US News (as “California leadership”)

  • Harvard Business Review (as “California leadership”)

  • Wall Street Journal (pictured only)

  • Mixergy


  • Rapid Scale Interview hosted by Eben Pagan

  • Evolver Learning Lab, Falling And Staying In Love hosted by Annie Lalla And Eben Pagan

  • Profoundly Human the Jake Sasseville Show with Jake Sasseville

  • Dodging the Wealth Bullet hosted by Jon Benson, Yanik Silver, Eben Pagan, & John Asaraf

  • The Entrepreneurs Holy Grail with Alexis Neeley & Rose Cole

  • Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference hosted by Marc David and Emily Rosen

  • Relationship Fun & Games hosted by Gabrielle Sundra and Raj Sundra (2 appearances)

  • Evolution, Revolution or Both Interview with Michael Ellsberg

  • Author Interview with Jennifer Russell Burning The Ivory Tower, Path of the Priestess

  • 6-Figure Purpose to 7 -Figure Impact Summit interview hosted by Lorna Li

  • The Holistic Empowered Woman Summit Interview hosted by Kouros Alaee

  • The Supreme Love Summit Interview hosted by Jeannine Staples

  • Create A Relationship You Love Summit hosted by Andrea Cairella

  • Judgment vs Discernment Interview with Michael Ellsberg

  • The Strategies of Real Health Summit Interview hosted by Cynthia Lamarucciola

  • Unleash Your Feminine Superpower Summit Interview hosted by Lauren Joyce

  • Conscious Sexuality Summit Interview hosted by Mariah Freya

  • Inspiring Breakthroughs Summit Interview hosted by Jeffrey Davis

  • The Art of Feminine Presence Online Event hosted by Bex Burton

  • The New Divine Masculine hosted by Michael Hrostoski

  • The Modern Day Priestess Summit hosted by Elayne Dougherty

  • Masculine & Feminine Forms of Power Interview with Michael Ellsberg

  • Burning Man Various Panels on Love, Leadership, Economic & Social Futurism (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Your Freedom Business Summit Interview hosted by Alison Palmer

  • Live Powerful & Feminine Summit

Bryan & Jennifer Example Keynotes & Talks

Invite This Dynamic Duo To Wow Your Audience
"Brilliant!" "Mindblowing!" "Life Changing!" "Masterful! "Compassionate" "Dynamic"

Here are just a few examples of some of the topics that Bryan and Jennifer can speak about at your next event.

  • Going from Ordinary To Extraordinary Love

  • The 5 R's of Conflict Resolution

  • Falling & Staying In Love

  • How To Have Conscious Healthy Relationships

  • The True Compatibility Test: The Real Reason Relationships Fail

  • The Ring of Resolution: The 8 Polarities That Evolve The Way We Love

  • The Myth Of Conflict

  • The Four Toxic Cycles: How To Exit & End Relational Conflict

  • Perfect Vision: Conflict Resolution Process

  • The Mechanics Of Change & Transformation

  • Creating Evolutionary Partnerships

  • Creating A Relationship Vision

  • The Four Faces of Power

  • The 9 Layers of Awareness

  • The Anatomy of Conflict: The 8 Patterns We Get Caught In & How To Resolve Them

  • Creating A Permanent Relationship Breakthrough

  • Rewriting Your Most Persistent Relational Patterns

  • Why We Do What We Know Is Bad For The Relationship?

  • Being Who You Want To Be Even When It's Hard

  • Power, Control & Projection

  • Rising Up The Needs Ladder

  • Holding Your Partner In The Highest

  • Living Your Values

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