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Your Relationship Dynamics profile is filled with knowledge, but knowing how to translate knowledge into action is challenging and that’s exactly what these sessions are designed to do. Get 1:on:1 guidance on how to understand yourself, your partner and build the specific relationship skills that are most relevant to your current relationship.

We’ll take a look at some of your greatest relational gifts and some of the shadow patterns and cycles that you might get caught in and will work together to rewrite and fully resolve your most persistent patterns.

Ever wonder what’s really going on?

Are you getting into arguments about the same things? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the state of your partnership and how you can be a better partner, family member, or friend? This session will give you the keys to creating extraordinary relationships with the people you care about most.


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Counterintuitive insights tailored to your situation

You will gently discover blind spots and see a more accurate picture of your most confounding patterns. We'll help you translate and understand your partner in new ways that unlock more harmony and trust.

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Decades of experience in over 30,000 sessions

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell have been trusted advisors, teachers, and coaches for decades. They are in a relationship that has inspires many by walking their talk and loving each other deeply.

Learn skills designed specifically for you

We’ll introduce personalized practices and skills based on your particular profile, focusing on the gifts and patterns that will help you make what you learn stick. We’ll give you exactly the tools you need.


Get one 90 minute session with Jennifer Russell or Bryan Franklin to help you learn about the relationship dynamics, gifts, and shadow patterns that you are experiencing in your relationships now.



Get three 90 minute sessions with Jennifer Russell to dive deeper into how to master your relationship dynamics and patterns you tend to get caught in most with a focus on developing a specific relationship skill.


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Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin Co-Founders Relationship Dynamics Institute

Together Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin have led 20+ years of impactful transformational courses, retreats, and programs  incorporating  the best of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the human potential movement, family systems, attachment theory, parts work, collaborative systems, evolutionary psychology, spiral dynamics,, spiritual practices, and sacred theater. They’ve analyzed 1000s of relationship fights to find the right questions to get to the heart of the matter and permanently resolve conflicts with those you love.

They are the co-founders of 'Relationship Dynamics Institute where they facilitate a series of retreats, workshops, and courses designed to rewrite your relational DNA so that you can embody your ideal love story. They work with singles and couples to develop extraordinary relationships that point the way to significant personal evolution and the skills to develop a higher relational quotient (RQ).

They are a stand for relationships that have a 'both / and' rather than an 'either / or' relationship to Freedom and Devotion and realize the true potential that healing the divide between the masculine and feminine has on creating a healed, healthy, and whole culture.

They have developed powerful models that can help build the 3 pillars of any great relationship which are how to set the direction of your relationship, how to handle the valleys, and how to set the stage to experience the peaks.

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“My partner and I got a series of tools to not only resolve our perpetual fights and conflicts, but also upgrade the very fabric of our relationship to become an exquisite crucible that allows us to transmute our problems into remarkable growth opportunities. I honestly cannot even imagine trying do "love" or "relationships" without these tools. Do yourself a service and do whatever it takes to learn this."

Relationship Dynamics Institute Testimonial - Kevin Kurgansky

Kevin Kurgansky

The Breakup Doctor

“I’ve spent multi-hour sessions with them and it was very unifying. They have this uncanny ability to really allow you to see your partner’s perspectives and have your partner see yours. I saw a whole new way of doing love—got a whole new set of distinctions, new ideas, and new ways of seeing things. These are a couple of the best in the world.”

Relationship Dynamics Institute Testimonial - Kevin Kurgansky

Eben Pagan

Marketing & Dating Expert

"I feel like I've been waiting for this information all my life. My lens of what a relationship can be has widened and expanded. I now have a definition and knowing of what an extraordinary/ evolutionary relationship looks like/feels like and I know the way I do relationship and the way I work with my clients is forever changed."

Relationship Dynamics Institute Testimonial - Kevin Kurgansky

Maya Diamond

MFT Therapist MA

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