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Want to help evolve the way we love and raise our collective Relational Quotient (RQ)?

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A measure of the consciousnses and health of a relationship, and a person's ability to create and maintain health in their relationships.


Welcome to the Relationship Dynamics Institute Affiliate Program!

You will be able to offer life-changing material from Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell's over 30,000+ session and decades of experience leading transformational programs designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs and unlock their evolutionary potential. They incorporate the best of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the human potential movement, family systems, attachment theory, collaborative systems, neuroscience, spiritual practices, tribal circling technologies, and sacred theater.

Jennifer and Bryan are not just experts in their field; they are passionate storytellers and engaging speakers who have a talent for connecting profoundly with their audiences. An experience with them will not only provide immense value to your audience but also strengthen your platform with rich, engaging content.

They are co-founders of the Relationship Dynamics Institute ( and are the creators of the Relationship Dynamics Quiz & Profile, which includes over 60 pages & 23 lessons of deep analysis designed to help you understand which of the 64 relationship stances you tend to take, which of the 8 gifts you bring to others, shadow patterns you bring, your life theme's and guidance on how to upgrade your relationship skills, identify and exit your most persistent patterns, and through their unique 5 phase Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution Process, resolve your conflicts permanently.

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We'd be thrilled to have you on board, sharing in our vision to transform relationships across the globe. As a part of our family, you play a crucial role in spreading the message of positive, transformative relationship dynamics and are a part of our mission to raise our collective Relational Quotient (RQ), which is our ability to create and maintain healthy, conscious, relationships.

To kickstart our collaboration, we'd love to extend an exclusive opportunity to you. How about hosting a masterclass, webinar, interview or a podcast session with our co-founders, Jennifer and Bryan? It’s a fantastic way to introduce your audience to the profound insights and life-changing techniques of Relationship Dynamics.

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Why Join Our Partner Program?


  • Decades of experience training coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, couples and singles to evolve the way they love, lead and live in over 30,000 paid sessions.

  • Professional and personalized followup by the co-founders and their high touch Affiliate and Community management team for each person you refer. We do personal outreach and on-boarding calls.

  • Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin are a seasoned dynamic duo that deliver incredible masterclasses, interviews, and content for your list, custom tailored to what your audiences loves or one of their signature talks

  • Everyone who takes our Relationship Dynamics Quiz gets a Free Summary Profile which unlocks 4 detailed sections of their profile to uncover the keys to understanding their greatest gifts, their most persistent patterns and which of the 8 toxic cycles they tend to get caught in most

  • Everyone who you refer will also get an invitation to our Online Community and access to various Resources, Live Calls & Free Courses. It's a community of visionary couples, conscious growth-minded singles, and wisdom keepers who support relationships, and people who all care about being great at loving one another. Free resources, courses, tools, and ongoing support available there.

  • Tons of value for everyone on in your network you refer even if they don't purchase. They will be so grateful.

  • You'll receive 25% commissions on all these related products and upsells in our funnel including:

The Relationship Dynamics QuiZ (Free)

Relationship Dynamics Free Summary (Free)

Relationship Dynamics Community of Support (Free)

The Relationship Dynamics Profile 60 pf PDF

Mastering Your Relationship Dynamics Profile + Course ($147)

Permanent Relationship Breakthrough 8-Session Live Course ($597)

Come Join The Relationship Dynamics Community

Upgrade Your Relational Skill, Rewrite Your Patterns, Permanently Resolve Your Conflicts

Connect with a group of extraordinary people who are committed to up-leveling how they show up in their relationships. There you’ll be able to join the conversation and access free courses, free resources, live masterclasses, post and get answers to your deepest questions.

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